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This shoot was borne from out of the shared passions of two sisters, Melanie Y. Brierre of wildandfreechildrenswear, a Haiti-based, bohemian chic children’s clothing company, and Liana Yates of Birch and Lace, a wedding styling and photography company based in Toronto. Given similar passions and complementary styles, it seemed natural that the two would combine artistic energies to create what is called Woven Spirits, a styled shoot to take place along the western seacoast of Haiti, the country where these two Canadian-born sisters were raised and spent much of their childhood. Beyond clothing design and styling, the two in collaboration with their artistic mother force, Sandy Noble, were also the eyes behind the lens. This shoot is about a mother’s fierceness for life and for defending what is hers, about the paths she wants to trace for her offspring in deciding not to accept conformity as a lifestyle. Woven Spirits is a bold, soulful expression of humans in harmony, with each other, and in the natural elements of earth, sky, and sea.

The “by the sea” setting is ideal to showcase wildandfreechildrenswear designs. The designers envisioned these outfits worn in a rainforest, on a beach, or in a lazy barefoot setting, nothing stilted or too structured. Authentic, as well, are the relationships between the children. The roots run deep in this blood tribe, depicted not in a far off or foreign place, rather at home, a place that nurtures and gives their souls a potency. Offset by whitewashed stone and the natural fibers of dried banana leaves, the Linen and Lace collection adds that touch of classy bohemian.

Liana, of Birch and Lace, weaves together a melody of contrasts; the soft drape of sheer, lightweight netting against rough, weathered bamboo; delicate fringe and lovely lace against distressed clay pottery; soft wisps of blonde against the darkened charcoal of aged beach palms; 100-year-old, stone-cold silver cutlery against scribbled thoughts on worn linen paper. The scene is complete with the occasional burst of fuchsia, turquoise and denim blues to offset the creamy neutrals. The melody of contrasts continues in the array of varied skin tones, age, and ethnicity of the children in wildandfreechildrenswear, fierce spirits woven together naturally in an everyday life experience. The final result, understated decadence!

And for a little behind the scenes of the making of "Woven Spirits"...

Photography: Liana Yates of Birch and Lace, Melanie Y. Brierre of Wild and Fierce Childrens Wear, & Sandy Noble / Styling: Birch and Lace / Children & Adult Wear: Wild and Fierce Childrens Wear / Jewellery: Victoria Jean-Louis of Kamaria’s Collection / Glassware: Rustik Glassware / Location: Private beach house, Haiti / Sound: Jean- Philippe D. Brierre

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